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Residential & Commercial Safe Long Lasting Energy Saving Windows Design 

Built for Durability, Low Maintenance, Heat Management & Top Secure Windows System

Concept Aluminium offers Various Types of Custom Made Design Aluminium Windows to Suite the Need to Simple & Elegant Windows.

Swing Open Type Windows offers Enhance Design, The Solid Built Structure Offer best Security Option for Internal Locking or Custom Key Design to Ensure Child Lock Environment + Heavy Duty Double Lock Security. This Design offers the Best Energy Saving with Air Tight Structure for High Energy Saving

Sliding Windows are the Best Design for Small or Limited Space Room. It can be Built for Wider Air Flow for the Comfort of Natural Air in the Room. Wide Opening Space allows Maintenance to the External Wall such as Grille painting or Wall Painting.

Benefits with Concept Aluminum Advanced Technological Design Windows & Door

  • Safe & Secure Design with Solid Aluminium

  • Heat Insulation with Double Pane Tempered Glass or Margard Transparent Window

  • Low u Value to Reduce Heat Transfer

  • Available in Solar Control IR Colored for more than 30% Infra-Red Blocking thus Reduce Heat Build Up

  •  Virtually Un-Breakable with Margard Windows Series

  • High-Quality Lock System to Ensure Secure Environment

  • Best Accessories, for Long Life and Durable Working

  • Can be Design with Insect/ Mosquito Screens

  • Easily Combine with Tough Stainless Steel Security Screen for Natural Air Flow & Perform Like Security Grill

Windows Material. Tinted Glass or Un-Breakable Hard Coated Low U Value Energy Saving Margard

Concept Aluminium offers Only Tempered Glass/ Safety Glass to all our Customer 

Our Aim is to only Delivery the Safest Standard to Each and Everyone of Our Customers.

In General, Tempered Glass is 4 times Stronger than Float Glass.

Glass Windows Available in Low Heat Series to Reduce the Heat Built Up in the Room

This will offer the Best Energy Saving Design with Concept Aluminium Solid Built Profile for Long Lasting to the Comfort of a Moden Home

Concept Aluminium also offers the New Technology Series with Margard Series Material to Burglar Proof Your Windows.

Margard Series is made from one of the Toughest Material, it is Virtually UnBreakable, even with an Axe.

Available in Clear Transparent Series, Lower U Value than Glass, or Special Technology Solar Control IR Series that comes with Tinted Grey ( 22% Light Transmission) or Dark Green Color for the Best Energy Saving.

It Blocks 30% Heat Built Up from Infra-Red thus Lower the Energy Bill for the Consumer and Resulted in a More Comfortable Living Environment.

What are the Benefits with Margard Sheets?

  • Un-Breakable

  • Light Weight & Safe

  • Lower U Value vs Glass

  • IR Blocking to Reduce Heat Built-Up

  • Cost Saving without the Need for Tinted Film

  • IR Blocking Last Forever vs Tinted Film which will Delaminate after More than 3 Years.

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