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Safe & Secure Energy Saving Windows & Doors. Advance Design with Technology for Modern Lifestyle

Modern Safety Glass or Technological Un-Breakable Transparent Material. Come with Colored Tinted, Low U Value & IR Blocking for Low Heat Enviroment

Through the Window

Having more than 18 years of Experience in Doors & Windows Built-Up, Concept Aluminum offers a Simple Mission of Delivering High-Quality Products & Services.

We will go Above and Beyond to Cater to Unique Design Specific Needs.

Our Goals are to Deliver the Safest Material, Highly Durable, and Priorities the Best Energy Saving Design for all.

Perfection & Quality Action with Doors & Windows

  • Laminated Glass to Ensure Safety when Breaks

  • UL94 Fire Rated Material to Ensure Quick Fire Stop & does not Assist in Burning

  • Highest Quality Accessories to Endure Long Lasting

  • Top Quality Locks for Windows or Doors to Ensure Durability

  • Performance Bearing and Roller to enable Good Load Bearing/ Supporting Weight Distribution

  • Mosquito Netting to Enable Comfort minus the Pest

  • Security Panel Mesh for Natural Air Flow with Cut Resistance

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